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We want you in Bavaria - Career perspectives for foreign students and graduates at German universities

Bavaria s economy is providing opportunities for qualified professionals from abroad. In a brochure, issued jointly by the Bavarian State Ministry for the Interior (Staatsministerium des Innern) and the Bavarian Regional Branch of the Federal Employment Agency (Regionaldirektion Bayern der Bundesagentur fr Arbeit) foreign students and graduates can find useful information on career perspectives in Bavaria. The brochure also contains official information on legal rules applying to foreigners when starting a job in Bavaria. It names contacts at authorities and lists helpful links and services.

Herausgeber  :  Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, fr Bau und Verkehr 
Erscheinungsjahr  :  Januar 2014 
Umfang  :  6 Seiten
Typ  :  Faltblatt 
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